Call us now : 863-266-4200

Call us now 863-266-4200

Husky Cargo, LLC was established to serve customers who need a custom trailer at a production trailer price.


About 95% of the trailers built are ordered by the end user for a specific use. By selling direct to the end user Husky Cargo gives its customers 2 major advantages:


You work directly with a factory rep to place your order. Our factory reps are experts on the trailer building process and can help you with ideas that you may not even know are possible. Our reps work at the factory, overlooking the production floor. Our sales staff are able to walk out and see your trailer being built. No one else can offer you this type of service!


Because the middle man (dealer or distributor) is not involved, we are able to provide a higher quality trailer, without charging higher prices. Husky Cargo uses many parts that are heavier duty, give a longer useful life, and look better than other brands.


Call today and talk to your factory rep. They are trained to help you custom design the perfect trailer for your specific needs.

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